¿Que hace un Perito Cáligrafo? Version en inglés. - Perito Calígrafo en Madrid
Perito calígrafo judicial en Madrid. Grafólogo. Documentoscopia. Testamentos ológrafos.
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¿Que hace un Perito Cáligrafo? Version en inglés.

¿Que hace un Perito Cáligrafo? Version en inglés.

What does an expert calligrapher do?

Unlike the graphologist, the calligrapher expert determines the identity of the writer from the point of view of authorship, without determining any personality characteristics of the subject in question. This task is carried out through the so-called «letter matching», commonly known as «calligraphic expert evidence».

The calligraphic expertise not only analyzes the authenticity or the falsity of the signatures stamped on a document, but it is also capable of being used to compare handwritten texts, numbers, or any graphic stamping done manually. It is also possible to analyze graffiti, graffiti stamps, rubber stamps, signs or in some cases drawings.

Typically, calligraphers have knowledge of graphology, although it is not strictly mandatory, but not all graphologists have knowledge of calligraphic expertise, since it is the most complex specialty within graphology. It is the one that requires greater technical knowledge and a very specific action within the judicial scope, by requiring an oath case by case of the expert before the Court, which in case of non-compliance can have civil and criminal consequences, so not everyone feels trained to defend an opinion before a Court.

In graphology, many people think that he is already a graphologist or that he can make a Graphological Report for having read an informative book in which he tells you that the letter «g» indicates the sexuality of a person, and they stay so wide. It is very difficult to control because there are no regulated studies and there is no professional school. In any case, there are deontological decalogues, generally brought from the French School of Graphology, which is currently the most recognized and respected worldwide, which are used as manuals of good practices, without its lack of application can be denounced so official by the rest of graphologists that we dedicate ourselves to this profession. In matters of calligraphic expertise there is less intrusiveness, because few graphologists are shown to be able to stand before a Tribunal to answer the questions of the parties or a Magistrate. A court imposes a lot, and not everyone is willing to take on that challenge.

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